Expressive Arts

The expressive arts include experiences and outcomes in art and design, drama, dance and music.

Through the expressive arts, children and young people can have rich opportunities to be creative and imaginative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment.

Learning through the expressive arts enables children and young people to:

  •  be creative and express themselves in different ways
  •  experience enjoyment and contribute to other people’s enjoyment through creative and expressive performance and presentation
  • develop important skills, both those specific to the expressive arts and those which are transferable
  • develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas
  • for some, prepare for advanced learning and future careers, by building foundations for excellence in the expressive arts.

In Expressive Arts, the majority of the activities will be practical, involving creating and presenting, and will allow children to make choices to broaden their experience. It provides the opportunity to express ideas, thoughts and feelings working, both alone and with others.

Evaluating and appreciating will be used to enhance enjoyment and understanding. Expressive Arts offers many opportunities for interdisciplinary learning. In all areas of Expressive Arts, full use will be made of visiting groups and specialists to enhance learning experiences. The school presents an annual Christmas Show which is very well received by the wider community.

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