St Mary's Parental Partnerships

St Mary’s Primary School encourages a strong partnership with parents. The open door policy allows parents to discuss their child in both formal and informal settings.

Effective home-school partnerships are essential to ensure that children get the most out of their school and the education system.  Research has shown that strong parent-school partnerships has a lasting impact on children and has benefits in all areas of life. Children benefit greatly by having their parents and extended family involved in different aspects of their learning. Parents who take on a supportive role in their children’s learning make a difference to improving achievement and behaviour.

All parents are automatically members of St. Mary's Parent Forum.  The Parent Partnership are elected members of the Parent Forum who meet regularly to discuss relevant school and Education Authority issues. 

The Parent Partnership can be contacted either by:

E-Mail :

or by speaking to any of the following parents who sit as the committee

Chairperson - Miss McLaughlin & Mrs Pollard

Vice-chairperson - Mrs Suzanne Marrone

Treasurer - Mrs Lorna Brown

Vice Treasurer - Mrs Laura Canning

Secretary - Mrs Geraldine Henry

Vice Secretary/Minute Taker - Vacant

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