Parent Forum

St Mary's Primary School Parent Forum is made up of all parents and carers who have a child attending the school. The Parent Partnership are a group of elected members who work with the headteacher and staff in order to keep all parents informed of school and local authority decisions which could impact on the education of their child.

The parents from within the forum assist the school in many ways e.g:

  • Fund-raising
  • Provide additional resources for external field trips
  • Provide in class assistance e.g. active learning , after school activities 
  • Creating and making resources e.g. Jolly Phonic keyrings, games
  • Help with supervision on external field trips.

The aim of a Parent Forum is to enable the parents to join together and meet in an informal manner to discuss matters regarding their child and the school.

The Parent Forum meetings are open to all parents within the school and guests, as invited, by the group. These meetings run bi-monthly, opposite to the Parent Partnership dates. These meetings are less formal and there will be opportunities to talk about a wide variety of issues that may be raised by parents before or even on the day of the meeting.

Previous Parent Partnership business will be discussed and any concerns raised or information sought will influence the future business of the Parent Partnership.

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