.School Uniform

At our last Parent Partnership, it was agreed that the uniform for the next session would be:

• Green shirt and tie
• Grey pullover or cardigan (no hoodies please!)
• Green sweatshirt with school badge
• Green polo shirt with school badge
• Grey trousers (not black please!)
• Grey or green pinafore or skirt (not black please!)
• Black shoes for boys

Sensible, black, flat-heeled shoes for all girls are advised. The stairs in our building could present a hazard for fashion heeled shoes.

I know that it is an extra expense but could I please ask that all children have a shirt and tie for special occasions.

As you will appreciate, the wearing of jewellery should be kept to minimum. In particular, I would ask that girls do not wear dangling earrings, as these could pose a health and safety risk.

I would also like to remind you that football colours are not allowed in school. This applies
to school bags, pencils cases etc as well as clothing.

Physical Education

Our PE kit consists of a white round neck t-shirt with or without the school badge, black shorts and black sandshoes. I would be grateful if you would remind your child to bring this kit to school for all lessons.

It is requested that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the owner’s name. A bag marked with the child’s name is required to hold indoor shoes and physical education kit.

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